The main purpose of InQbiz is to be the strategic partner for the development of business in the Mexican market, in a professional, efficient and effective manner.
InQbiz is the business partner and accelerator for opportunities that provides high value resources to help entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to achieve a rapid, sustained and profitable growth in Mexico.
Our promise Why Mexico? Mission and Vision
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When entering a new country we face countless adversities that represent waste of time, money, resources and even an emotional drain that affects the main objective of the entrepreneur: to achieve his dreams.
  • Hiring professional and first-class resources.
  • Knowledge of the market and lack of contacts.
  • Distance to the country of origin and time difference.
  • Investment risk and therefore bad image.
  • Knowledge of local legal and tax system.
  • Office expenses, staff, legal issues.
  • Cultural differences.


Engineering Business and Incubation
Strategic consulting
Commercialization and Marketing
Project Management
Post Sales and Support


In accordance with the goals set by each of our partners, we achieve their position, recognition and implementation within the local market. We adapt to the needs of the local market.
We comply with:
  • Sales
  • Pipeline according to defined timeline
  • Forecast and leads
  • Market networking
  • New businesses
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Enhanced positioning
  • Monitoring of renewals
  • Upgrades, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
  • Technical support
  • Customer Satisfaction


Interview with Fernando Aldana and Rodrigo González, founders of InQbiz

Both born and raised in General Roca. They have known each other since the age of three and, even though for a long time both went their own way, the Patagonian air brought them together again...

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10 tips to enter the Mexican market

Being a reference in the region for its cultural and economic characteristics, Mexico has become a good opportunity to do business. InQbiz specialists, business partner of technological SMEs ...

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Technological aid to land in Mexico

The Argentines Rodrigo González and Fernando Aldana took advantage of their know how about the technology sector and the characteristics and idiosyncrasy of the market...

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A company wants to be the gateway for Argentine technology companies in Mexico

InQBiz, a company that aims to be a business partner for technology companies that want to conquer the Mexican market, arrived in Argentina....

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Mexico: a magnet for technological SMEs

The volume of the market and its proximity to the United States make it an irresistible destination for those who seek to expand borders in a context that, in addition...

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InQBiz seeks IT companies that want to invest in Mexico

Three Argentine entrepreneurs based in Mexico founded InQBiz, a consultancy that provides resources for technology companies that want to enter the market...

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InQBiz arrived, the gateway for technology companies into the Mexican market

The change of the economic scenario in Argentina also adds an interesting conjuncture for trade relations with other countries: "There are opportunities that arise from....

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InQbiz looks for Argentine technology companies that want to conquer Mexico

Integrating the commercial mission headed by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, InQbiz presented its services and held meetings with local companies...

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Businessmen believe that the cheap dollar will allow them to invade the Argentine market

The first delegation of Mexican businessmen from the Argentine-Mexico Chamber of Commerce arrived in Buenos Aires to accompany the president until the end of the week ..

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InQbiz, the gateway for technology companies into the Mexican market

InQbiz positions itself as the business partner for technology companies that want to conquer the Mexican market. Its founding team is made up of two Argentines with....

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At InQbiz, our potential is linked to generating high impact projects and businesses.

The InQbiz Mooring Business Unit is designed so that entrepreneurs in the technology area with a product already tested in their country of origin can achieve economic and demand generating resources to achieve their objectives quickly. Accelerating their projects, and generating experience in new markets.

In this area, we are concerned with helping to organize and listen to technology entrepreneurs. We link and accelerate their initiatives not only in Mexico, but also in other latitudes.

Creating a project, not only involves the capital contribution, but also testing and proving in a coordinated way a scheme of work, or a business plan.

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